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We create and deliver value

Maximising value from industrial assets in the energy and manufacturing sectors

Add Value Consultancy is an engineering and technical consultancy firm, operates globally, offers innovative and efficient-based solutions in Asset Excellence cross the energy and industrial sectors that are subject to changing and challenging environment.
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What’s New

Asset excellence is a journey and first step of this journey is having Asset Health Check on your assets and systems for deciding on starting point. 

Asset-intensive Industrial Challenges

Energy industry’s most transformative moment is here. Historically low commodity prices, geopolitical events, disruptive technologies and the challenges of energy transition and decarbonization mean that the pressure to innovate (while simultaneously reducing operations costs) is higher than ever.

The global pandemic has forced energy companies to operate in new ways - a catalyst to rethink the size and role of their functional teams, field crews, and management processes needed to run an efficient – and operationally excellent – business.

Operational Excellence in the energy sector means that it is essential to optimise risk, performance, and expenditures over the entire lifecycle of the organisation’s asset portfolio.

Many consultancy firms and service providers face a massive challenge in keeping their organisation on top of the game, and in maintaining cash flow, profit margins and reducing cost, etc. They made brutal but necessary actions in downsizing the organisation and losing core competencies and facing challenges of delivering the work.

AVC Differentiated Values

Drive Profit

We reduce operational costs by 10%-20% to asset operators. For vendors, we optimise the delivery model to on-demand model reducing operational cost to 30%-40%

Drive Performance

When you manage your assets strategically and effectively, you’ll improve key operating metrics for asset and system reliability, which subsequently improves production and revenues

Global Exposure

One-stop marketplace connects companies, vendors and consultants from all disciplines on one place


Rapid engagement with zero barriers to execution where customer is central to design thinking and human-centric design processes. We are known with efficient decision making process.

Drive Profit

We reduce operational costs by 10%-20% to asset operators. For vendors, we optimise the delivery model to on-demand model reducing operational cost to 30%-40%

Design For Delight


AVC’s Secret Sauce

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AVC praise the new way of work and innovation & design thinking as effective enabler for identifying the client's’ problems and designing effective solutions for efficient implementation. AVC adopts a design thinking process at early stage of engagements  to ensure AVC propose the right solution for the client. The approach named design for delight D4D enables client to be part of the problem-solving process and enables AVC to move from offering typical solutions to creating and delivering values delighting clients.

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Our Solutions In Brief

AVC solves each client’s issues by providing a comprehensive approach backed by our team of experienced professionals. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of clients, but also help them develop successfully. Below some of building blocks of our Asset Excellence Solutions

Asset Management


Asset Performance Management APM

Ageing Assets Life Extension ALE

Asset Integrity Management AIM

Asset Life Assessment


Corrosion Engineering

Asset Due Diligence

Maintenance and Reliability Services

Risk-Based Inspection


Reliability-Centered Maintanace RCM

Safety Instrument System SIL

Root Cause Analysis


Fitness for Service and Modelling

Asset Criticality Analysis


Operational Excellence

Qualitative Risk Assessment

Quantitative Risk Assessment

HAZOP / PHA Studies

Process Safety Management PSM

Environmental Management

Project Management Support

Research and Development-R&D


UK: 4 Mile-End Avenue, Aberdeen, AB15 5LR

UAE: Techno Hub-2, DSO, Dubai


T (UK): +44 (0)2032 868684

T (UAE): +971 (0)55404 2376

WhatsApp +447766 717516

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